The Important Stuff

Its a sobering thought that whilst you are enjoying yourselves, something could go seriously wrong if your entertainer is not familiar with health and safety, i.e. what would happen if one of your guests were injured, and the entertainer did not have insurance?  if there was an electrical fault with their equipment?      

When you place your booking with Soundout Roadshow, you can be rest assured that we take you and your guests' Heath and Safety very seriously.  

We are fully licensed, tested and insured, and have all the necessary paperwork including health and safety documents. 

PAT Testing

As well as entertaining, we are also fully qualified PAT testers and can provide this service to anyone who requires testing to be done.  You would receive the log of all your PAT tested equipment, as well as a certificate to prove that your establishment/equipment has been tested.

There are in excess of 12,500 electrical accidents recorded per annum in the UK - make sure you or your establishment don't become a statistic.